The Weather and your Vehicle Wrap

The Weather and your Vehicle Wrap

Don’t let your fleet wrap or vehicle graphics get, “under the weather”

By Dan Deary, posted in Arizona Fleet Wraps on September 20, 2016

fleet wraps and weatherWherever you live, the weather will always vary. Whether it is the blistering hot heat of Arizona or the cold, wintry snow in Massachusetts, you want your vehicle wraps to be able to withstand the harsh or cold weather conditions in the area in which you live. If you have been considering vehicle wraps for a while but are not sure that a vehicle wrap would be able to survive in your area’s harsh conditions, we are here to assure you that our high quality, durable vehicle wraps are designed to be able to advertise for you for many years regardless of the weather that you may have in your area.

It’s so HOT, HOT, HOT!

We have some sun protection tips that will help increase the longevity of your vehicle wrap. Now, we know you are wondering how can a vehicle wrap take on the 100 degree temperatures of the hot state of Arizona, I can’t even grip my steering wheel ! Here at All Pro Truck Body Shop, we use the best vinyl you can buy, high quality 3M vinyl which is coated with a UV layer that will resist the sun’s rays and protect the different colors of your vehicle wrap for many years.

Ice, Ice Baby

When it comes to snow, ice and rain, no blanket or umbrella is needed to help protect your vehicle wrap. A lot of times, many people think that the rain and the ice will start to peel at your vehicle wrap and cause it to lose the adhesive that makes it stick to the surface of your vehicle. In order to avoid this problem and make rain and snow the least of your worries, we are very careful and detailed when it comes to applying your wrap. When installing your vehicle wrap, we ensure that your wrap is installed correctly and that all seams and edges are properly adhered to the vehicle. Concerning vinyl on the edges, we cut off all the excess vinyl and heat the edge to allow it to stretch and have a tighter, stronger fit on the edges of your vehicle.

It’s important to catch any issues early while they can be patched.

If you notice any complications on your wrap such as a small hole, the weathering effects can make holes worse. Dirt and dust can also get under the hole and could cause the wrap to peel. If you do notice any holes or tears in your vehicle wrap, it is important to bring your vehicle to have the wrap patched as soon as possible.

Don’t let the weather get you down-whether you live in Arizona or Antarctica, All Pro Truck Body Shop designs vehicle wraps to resist the weather in whatever state you live in! Give us a call today to find out more about how vehicle wraps can work for your company!

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a truck body repair shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in commercial body shop and fleet painting services.

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