Truck Frame Straightening


Semi’s and large trucks require special equipment to be able to handle the truck frame straightening that is required to ensure the vehicle is fixed properly.All Pro Truck Body Shop takes the guess work out with the use of a full size truck frame straightening bench by Chief.


The Chief EZ Liner Truck Frame Straightening Machine is one of the most powerful, heavy-duty frame straightening machines available and it is specially designed to repair frames on medium and heavy duty semi-trucks.

The Chief EZ Liner Truck Frame Repair Machine has 10 independent pivoting towers and portable Chief EZ Liner Truck Frame Straightening machine rams that allow for frame repairs by pulling at 360 degrees at over 20 tons of pulling power. This allows our repair technicians to reverse collision forces gently, utilizing low-equalized pressure, removing the damage, and assuring a fast and accurate repair.

The Chief EZ Liner is widely considered to be the Cadillac of truck frame straightening machines and is widely considered to be the most accurate and efficient system on the market.


Our staff and technicians have the training and decades of truck frame repair and collision repair experience, and are equipped with the most advanced frame repair technology to get the job done right, on time and with minimum down time.


Don’t trust your light duty, medium or heavy truck frame straightening to just any shop. Take the guess work out and get your vehicle properly repaired by the trained and knowledgeable staff at All Pro Truck Body Shop.

front on uhaul on cheif truck frame machine      side of uhaul on truck frame machine Uhaul on cheif ez liner truck frame straightening