Truck Body Shop Repairs?

How Do You Know They Are Correct?

By Dan Deary, posted on All Pro Truck Body Shop Blog on September 01, 2015

Truck Body Shop Repair, Phoenix AZDriving is a part of our everyday schedule. With as many people as there are out on the road, accidents are very common. Getting in an accident can be a very traumatizing experience; you may get seriously injured and you now have another thing to worry about-getting your truck back to its pre-accident condition. When you choose a body shop that you would like to send your truck to, it’s important to check the repair before you drive off. Here at All Pro Truck Body Shop, we have some tips to help you evaluate the quality of the repair done on your truck:

  1. Your Truck Should be Cleaned

    When you go pick up your truck from the body shop, they should have it nice and clean for you. The inside of your vehicle should also be vacuumed. When your truck is dirty, scratches and dents can be hard to see; your truck surface should be shiny and clean so you can clearly see the surface of your vehicle.

  2. You’re Satisfied with the Quality of the Repair

    Inspect the areas of your truck that was repaired. One thing you should check for is to make sure there are no awkward or inconsistent gaps between the body panels of your truck. If there is, it’s a sign that your panels were not aligned correctly. You should check the alignment by opening and closing the doors of your truck. They should properly close and if not, then that’s a red flag that something is not just right. Also, be sure the spacing between your tires and fenders is even, especially if there was truck frame damage. The paint job is also something you should pay close attention to making sure that the new paint on the vehicle matches the original paint color and finish. If you have an older truck which has faded paint, it will not be possible for the body shop to match “faded paint” so keep that in mind.

  3. They are Customer-Focused

    When you pick up your truck from the body shop, a service advisor should go through the repair process with you and explain all the areas of your truck that were repaired. They should also give you a frame spec printout that shows the frame of your vehicle was repaired to factory specifications. The service advisor should be more than happy to answer any questions you have for them regarding the repair.

  4. If Your Vehicle was not Correctly Repaired

    Some issues with your vehicle may not arise until somewhere down the line. Be sure to keep all receipts and papers from the repair, including the warranty so if a problem does arise, you have all the paperwork you need when it comes time to take it back to the shop.

It can be a very difficult decision figuring out what truck body shop is best equipped to serve you. Here at All Pro Truck Body Shop, we pride ourselves in our expertise in truck repairs and exceptional customer service, to give you a quality repair done in a timely manner. If you or anyone you know has been in an accident, give us a call today.

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a heavy truck body shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in truck body repair and fleet painting services.

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