RV Spring Cleaning

RV Spring Cleaning

It’s amazing how dirty an RV gets when it is unused for at least half a year.  RV Spring cleaning, for lack of a better word, should include a thorough inspection inside rv decal replacment All Pro Truck Body Shopand out to address any repairs that might be needed.  On the outside you should pay attention to the decals and consider getting the worn ones replaced.

A good RV spring cleaning should be done in the same manner as cleaning the house. Before you get started, we would suggest opening all the windows and letting fresh air rush through the interior. It feels just like taking a deep breath of fresh air!

After that, you can start right in. First suggestion, remove everything from the cabinets and get rid of all removable cushions. Clean up all the food and collect all the coins that may have dropped in between the seats. This will give you a sense of items you might be low on, such as paper towels, paper plates or toilet paper.
Remember, when cleaning you always want to start at the top – so, look up!

You should start by cleaning the ceiling vents.spring cleaning the interior of an RV

Most of these can be easily removed. It’s up to you on your choice of cleaner, we prefer organic all natural cleaners because they usually put a nice, lasting fragrance in the RV.

After the vents, just wipe down the ceiling to remove any dust or cobwebs – pay attention to any discoloration along the seams or vent areas. This could be a sign of a rubber roof issue that will require repair.

From there, it is easier to go through the rooms first, such as the bathroom and bedroom and work your way to the front. Besides wiping down the shower and mirrors, this gives you an opportunity to address your holding tanks. There are several ways to do this. Some attached a swivel stick to a garden hose, others through ice in the tank just before a road trip and let the ice knock all the junk off the sides of the tank. Up to you from here.

After the bathroom and bedroom it’s on to the cabinets for a wipe down.

Remember, as you go through to be paying attention to any discoloration or distortion.

After the cabinets it’s on to the counter tops and chairs or couches for a quick wipe and an inspection.

The last thing is the floor… Sweep, mop, broom, whatever your choice. Just get the dirt out! There’s nothing like getting in a clean RV before the first road trip.


The only thing better than the spring cleaning part is hoping in for the very first road trip of the year!

Enjoy your travels.

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a truck body repair shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in commercial body shop and fleet painting services.