RV Collision Repair Delays

rv collision repair delays due to tire blow out

RV collision repair is an exceptionally specialized industry as you can imagine.  There is probably one RV collision repair shop for every ten auto body repair shops. Even though RV’s and motorhomes are built in a factory, they are actually still made to your specification. The majority of what you are buying is manufactured one by one, so that means their repair requires specialized skills other than auto body repair.

When searching online for RV collision repair, you will end up getting a number of RV dealerships say they do collision repair. Some dealers do repairs, but RV collision is not really what they do on a daily basis.

If you decide to use a RV repair facility that only does RV collision repairs as a secondary source of income, you may end up with a service provider that is ill equipped to do the necessary work. When this happens, you run into long RV collision repair delays.

Most people check on the reviews for RV garages first. It is likely you will see lots of bad reviews due to the repair taking more time than was quoted and costing you more.

CAUSES OF RV Collision Repair DELAYS

• Unseen damage or supplemental damage-

The estimator will look at your motorhome and create an estimate. Unless the RV is disassembled there may be underlying damage not seen at first. Once in the shop it may take longer than expected.

• Wrong parts shipped-

An RV comes with options. Good collision shops have excellent parts people who will make sure the correct parts are ordered before there is a major delay.

• Parts don’t fit properly-

Some Manufacturers of RV’s parts have parts available, but will not fit your particular motorhome or the part may be defective. Problems can’t always be noticed until a part is installed and there will be extra downtime waiting for the correct one to show up.

• Accidents Happen-

Sometimes things just happen! A bracket can get broken while disassembling the RV or a bumper may scratched during installation. It’s just prudent to figure an extra day in the garage during a repair.

• Paint Problems-

Shops that care about their work keep their paint booths clean and free from dirt. If they have dirty filters in their booth it will cause problems with the paint. When spots get in the paint it has to be buffed out and repaired. Shops that cut corners by not keeping surfaces and filters clean may cause delays in your repair.

All Pro Truck Body Shop 60 foot rv collision repair booth

There are many more things that can happen not mentioned here, but for the most part the above are some of the RV collision repair delays that can be avoided by using an expert RV repair shop.

If you are in the Phoenix area when your RV needs a repair, you can be confident our RV collision shop will minimize any delays. Our superior workmanship along with certified Sherwin William’s painters and our 60’ truck spray paint booth, even the largest of RV’s will be refinished without any imperfections or color difference.

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a truck body repair shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in commercial body shop and fleet painting services.

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