Rubber Roof Inspection

Rubber Roof Inspection Should be done Yearly

Many RV owners go to several different places to camp on any given season.  While driving in and out of camps you may have hit a low hanging tree branch.  It’s very hard to tell if a small limb may have penetrated the rubber membrane or poked a small hole in the roof.

Water damage can happen quickly.  When it starts running in during a storm there is no way to stop it without knowing where it’s coming from.  Water damage will not only ruin the inside of the RV, but can ruin its value quicker than any other thing.

It is an absolute must each year before leaving and upon return to get a rubber roof inspection.  Our facility has trained techs that will check for any possible places that water could possibly penetrate the structure and for all holes or fractures in the membrane.

Clean Your RV’s Roof Each Year During your rubber roof Inspectionrubber roof inspection

When you bring your RV in for a yearly inspection, a complete cleaning can be done at the same time. Cleaning will help reduce the amount of chalk buildup and prevent the white stains you see on the sides of older RV’s.

You can do the cleaning yourself, but you must use a rubber roof cleaner specifically recommended by the manufacturer. Using a solvent based or abrasive cleaner may damage the integrity of the rubber membrane itself.

Rubber Roof  Inspection Includes Seams and Seals

We inspect the roof material, but it is just as important to inspect the seams for potential leaks. Most edges where the front and rear meet are covered with a sealing caulk. At any item set in the RV wall such as ventilation covers, sewer vents, or refrigerator vents are normally sealed with caulk to prevent any water infiltration.

As the caulk ages it will begin to crack deep enough to leak. By inspecting all the seams each year, we may be able to catch it before it ever leaks.

Doing simple maintenance on our RV can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you are near Glendale, Arizona, feel free to give us a call at 623-847-5555 for an estimate to get your RV roof inspected, cleaned and all the yearly maintenance done now.

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a truck body repair shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in commercial body shop and fleet painting services.

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