Fleet Vehicle Wrap Revolution

People are becoming more visual every day. Between social media and news feeds our time is quickly taken up every day by articles and videos. It’s hard to get your company’s name branded these days with advertising.

Today the most effective way to market and brand your company is by being visual. The best way to do that is to maximize your visibility in your community by using your Fleet of Vehicles as Rolling Billboards.

The Solution: Vehicle Wraps!fleet vehicle wrap All Pro Truck Body Shop

Just think of the hundreds of views your company will get as your fleet vehicle wrap glides down the street and they read relevant information about your business. No matter if your company is a caterer, massage therapists, traveling nurses, HVAC services, tow trucks, party planners or landscaper, there can be a visual impression on your vehicles that people will never forget.

The average American travels more than 300 miles each week, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Most of these drivers will have a chance to view 20,000 unique vehicles on the road. Keeping that number in mind, you would want to make sure you have a very recognizable fleet vehicle wrap.

Company brand recognition will never happen without stand out photos and colors that make it pop. That’s where graphics and size make all the difference.

Statistics on ROI of Wrapped Vehicles

Depending on the location that your company’s vehicles are traveling, your brand can receive hundreds or even thousands of views per day. Vehicles don’t even have to be moving to be seen by hundreds of people at day if it is parked on a busy street or near a freeway.

The American Trucking Association conducted a study about Daily Impressions Generated per day by wrapped vehicles and found the following:

Major cities over 65,000
Suburban areas over 30,000
98% of Consumers feel that fleet graphics create positive images for the company.
96% felt graphics had a huge impact comparing to other forms of advertising outdoor media such as billboards.

It is proven that a fleet vehicle wrap gives greater recognition than any other form of advertising. Some vehicle wraps can last up to 5 years, so the Return On Investment (ROI) is much greater than any other form of advertising you can buy when it comes to “Visual Impressions” of your brands name!

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