Fleet Trucks

If you own a fleet trucks, you want them to look great at all times.

duracell fleet trucks

photo courtesy of Duracell

Your fleet trucks can’t have peeling paint or dents.  When consumers see your trucks looking in great shape, it reflects on your company.  They will instantly know you take pride in your company and the work do for them.

Every time one of your fleet trucks are spotted on the highway or in your community it should immediately be recognized.  When your fleet is dressed in its best with some added distinction, your company is a driving billboard.

Take the fleet of Duracell trucks for instance.  These Duracell trucks not only have memorable logos and paint jobs, but also have added customization that makes you want to stop and take a look.

It’s great that the trucks are customized with roof boxes for storage, but they have awesome wheels and front bumper brush guards. The wheels and bumper guards not only give them a really tough look, but also are useful for work.

In fact, I was surprised when I read Duracell has a fleet of heavy duty trucks (read the full article here and see all the photos). Fleet trucks like this with great looking custom colors and logos is what makes the company stand out.

Make sure you are putting your best look out on the roads. Let All Pro Truck Body Shop give your fleet a touch up by adding custom touches to your fleet. We guarantee the highest quality truck painting possible and we put it in writing!

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Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a truck body repair shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in commercial body shop and fleet painting services.

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