Truck Painting FAQ

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Collision and Insurance Claims FAQ:

Collision and Insurance Claims

How do I choose the right auto facility for me?

Repair facilities are not all alike. There has been a technology revolution in the auto repair industry in the last few years and we have been at the forefront of it. Today’s vehicles are more complex and technologically challenging and so auto repair has become more complex. We are committed to offering our customers an unparalleled standard of service because we know our people will do the job right.

My vehicle is not safe to drive and the insurance company wants me to drive it to their claims center or to drive and get three estimates. What should I do?

You should not drive the vehicle under any circumstances. This includes any vehicle with broken or inoperable lights, windshield, or bent or damaged rims. If you do not feel safe driving the vehicle you should not. Call All Pro and we will tow your vehicle and submit the bill to the insurance company. There will be no charge to you. And no law requires you to get more than one estimate.

What kind of warranty does All Pro offer?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

I need a rental car or Truck. How do I go about arranging one?

All Pro will handle all of the rental arrangements including the billing to the insurance company for you.

My insurance company is steering me to a certain body shop; do I have to go there?

Absolutely NOT. All Pro works with all major insurance companies. You own the vehicle and you can choose who fixes it. Do NOT let the insurance company scare you into their warranty is better or you will have to pay extra. This is simply not true

How much will this repair cost?

Today’s complex vehicles make it difficult to give customers an immediate estimate. To properly complete an accurate, itemized estimate, a thorough disassembly is required. A guesstimate may be helpful to get the claim rolling, but a complete estimate nearly always requires disassembly.

Why are the estimates so different in price?

Whether your estimates are from repair facilities or insurance companies, it is very difficult to compare them unless the damages are very minor. The main reason is than an estimate may only be written for the actual damage that can be seen and not the hidden damage (that damage that is only visible once the damaged outer parts are removed) This estimate is called a preliminary estimate.
The important thing is that all hidden damage is identified, submitted to the insurance company, and repaired to your satisfaction.

What if additional damage is found on my vehicle after repairs have begun?

All Pro works directly with your insurance company to identify any hidden damage and make the supplemental repairs a part of the bill the insurance pays.

Truck Painting FAQ:

Fleet Painting

What are you able to paint?

All Pro has painted everything from Discount Cabs, to farm equipment and construction equipment.

Are their differences in paint quality?

Yes. The we take pride in only using the best paint for the job at hand!

General Questions:

General Questions