Building your Brand Awareness with Vehicle Wraps

Building your Brand Awareness with Vehicle Wraps

When it comes to business marketing and brand awareness, fleet branding through vehicle graphics is the most effective way to get your name out there.

By Dan Deary, posted in Phoenix truck painting on October 4, 2016

semi truck vehicle wrap brandingWhen you are out on the road, you want people to be able to distinguish your company amidst all the other companies that are out there.

The average American spends twenty hours on the road each day. Why not try to market to as many people as you can on your daily commute? Vehicle wraps allow you to reach this audience and give them a great impression that will last a lifetime.

Lasting Impression

Vehicle wraps are the most innovative way to market to your target audience and build awareness for your company or the services that you offer. Whether it is a magnet on your vehicle or a vehicle wrap covering your vehicle from top to bottom, vehicle wraps will get your name out there and have people calling your business in no time.

You want your business to be the first company that comes to mind when they are in need of services that you specialize in. You want to keep your company on the top of potential customers’ minds but in order to do that, you have to establish your brand and establish why your company stands out against your competition.

Size Doesn’t Matter

box truck vehicle wrapWhether you get a small magnet for your vehicles or fleet vehicles, or even a partial wrap for your vehicles, the impact is huge! A common misconception is that you have to go big with a full vehicle wrap to make a big impact, a partial or half wrap will be just as effective. Your budget will help determine which wraps or products will fit into your marketing budget.

Less is More

When it comes to designing your wrap, keep your wrap clean and free of clutter. Many times, company owners try to squeeze in as much information as they can, which proves to be ineffective. When someone looks at a vehicle wrap and there is too much information, the wrap can be overwhelming and potential customers will just look away from it. The best advice for designing your vehicle wrap is to put the main information about your company. Be sure to add your logo and any other information that may make you stand out such as a warranty or special that you are offering. Next, is the contact information and how potential customers can contact you to find out more information about your company. Pictures can also be effective to showcase the work or services that you perform. A picture is worth a thousand words; let your pictures talk for your company.

The best part of vehicle wraps is that they work for you and your company, 24/7, 365 days a year! The more time that you spend driving your vehicle or having it parked in a strategic location, the more awareness your wrap will receive!

About the author:
Dan Deary is president of All Pro Truck Body Shop, a truck body repair shop located in Phoenix Arizona, specializing in commercial body shop and fleet painting services.

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